Due for publication, summer 2017!  A fascinating story of Courageous Faith.


  • Born in Portstewart, Northern Ireland, and raised as Raymond Ross by foster parents in Coleraine, Co.Antrim.  Was told his mother had been killed in the London Blitz during world war 2.
  • Worked part time at odd jobs from age eight to help his foster mother feed the family.
  • Discovered the truth about his birth mother while in his teens, tracked her down in London, but suffered a terrible ‘rejection’ when she didn’t want to see him again, and lived with that pain until his forties when he and his mother were eventually reconciled.
  • Suffered from dyslexia which wasn’t understood while he was at school and so was labelled ‘stupid’. Believed this to be true until a teacher ‘discovered’ some of his other talents and helped him develop those.
  • His dyslexia caused isolation as a young person – he lacked ‘coordination’ and so couldn’t join in sport and other activities with people of his age group, but found solace in ‘reading’.
  • Literally fainted on the platform the first time he was asked to speak in public, but became determined to conquer his fear and went on to become a popular preacher and public speaker.
  • Trained for the ministry in Canada where he met and married Ruth Greaves, his wife of more than fifty years until her death in 2016.Settled in Canada but kept in touch with friends in Northern Ireland throughout his lifetime and continues to visit regularly.
  • Became international director for “Youth For Christ” while in his twenties.
  • Went on to found ‘Friends In The West’, ‘Music For Life’ and the world renowned, ‘The African Children’s Choir’ – the first children’s choir to come out of Africa and tour the world, giving concerts and raising funds to bring education to needy African children. The African Children’s Choir and Music for Life have so far educated over 52,000 children in their 30 + year history, and have helped a further 100,000 children through our relief and education projects.
  • Still active and travelling at eighty, Ray has a vision to provide a media platform (starting with Internet Radio) to allow former choir children and other talent to further develop their music and presentation skills, and have a ‘Christian Voice’  throughout Africa and across the world. Also, to bring ministry, encouragement and practical help to persecuted and displaced Christians, raising awareness of their plight and encouraging Christians in the West to pray and give practical support. Profits from funds raised during the promotion and sales of this book will be channelled through registered charity, Friends In The West, and go towards making the vision happen.


Want to interview Ray for your media outlet in your studio or by Skype, FaceTime or telephone?  You can contact him in the first instance by email at ray@raybarnett.tv

Can you help Ray fulfil his vision?  Be sure to contact him. Your prayers and encouragement mean everything.

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