This book is much more than a collection of true, though almost unbelievable stories. It’s about what can happen when God gives someone a big vision, but there’s a also a big problem – they don’t have the resources to make it happen. If you’ve ever been in that situation, then this book is a must read.  Time and time again, Ray took giant steps of courageous faith, following that inner urge to be part of God’s answer for people who were suffering. Many times it looked like there was no way through. Many times it would have been easy to just give up. 

Here’s one example of an extremely needy situation in Lebanon, where Ray had a vision to help: 

“I spent the night staring at my bedroom ceiling as images of hungry, crying children and their battered, desperate mothers flashed repeatedly through my mind. I could feel the familiar pull inside of me and knew I had to get involved.”  

So what’s stopping him?  Well, at that point in time his credit cards were maxed out and there was no money even for his own airfare to Lebanon, or anywhere else for that matter. So someone comes to his mind who may be able to help, and he believes God’s is directing him to meet with this person and ask for help. 

The only card left with credit available was one for buying gas (petrol). It’s a 24 hour drive but the person has agreed to meet him, so since there’s no way to buy a flight, he drives his beaten up Nissan and makes the trip. And so during the meeting the guy agrees to help, right? No! The meeting is a disaster as Ray is told there’s no possibility of help. Can you imagine the despair that scenario must have brought about? Exhausted from the long drive and then totally deflated from the response. Would you feel like totally giving up after that?

But as was often the case with Ray, just when it looked like all was lost and there was no way out, something remarkable happened. Before Ray made the long track home, the guy had a change of heart and was able to make contact with him through a friend and invite him to come back the following day. Everything changed! The second meeting was like day an night. Ray received one of his greatest miracles, and his whole vision for the food and medical relief effort to help the Lebanese people received the necessary funding.  

At this point in history in the 21st century, it appears that the problems in the world are greater than ever. Persecution of Christians is more severe today than at any time since the first century. If you’re a Christian, then you’re already ‘called’ to be part of God’s answer to the problems that are in the world. God is raising up many more Ray Barnetts’ to be agents of His love to a world in need. God hasn’t forgotten those who are suffering. But He needs people who will respond to His call to help them, even when what they’re being asked to do seems to be impossible.

Ray’s experiences conveyed in this book will show that, “With God all things are possible”.  Yes,  ‘miracles’ can change situations. Allow Ray Barnett to become your mentor as you not just read this book, but learn from his experiences and apply the principles of courageous faith in your own life.